Pilates works

Why Pilates?

Nicky Walker Pilates Studio - spine-twist

It works!

It isn’t just a celebrity fad! It is a full mind and body work out! It’s a science – based on a deep understanding of the body’s muscular and skeletal framework, Pilates exercises are devised to strengthen, lengthen and develop (often neglected) muscles resulting in improved overall body performance.

Nicky Walker Pilates Studio - pilates-posture

It is good for you!

It benefits everybody regardless of age, size and fitness level!! From pensioners to teenagers, athletes to office workers – improved posture, strength and alignment will help prevent injury, assist and improve body performance and increase your endurance levels!

You will move better!

Your body will be stronger and more flexible, you will be using the right muscles to do the right job which will effectively increase your range of movement in all directions.

You will look better!

You will see and feel results quickly as practise brings about significant changes in shape. You will stand taller and straighter, developing long lean muscles and flatter, toned abs!

You will feel better!

A focussed mind-body connection heightens concentration, relieves stress and tension, increases circulation, improves digestion, develops self- awareness, self-esteem and mindfulness.